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Topics: Greenhouse gas, Environment, Environmentalism Pages: 2 (178 words) Published: November 7, 2014
ISOM 125 – Chapter 3 – Business in a Borderless World Going Green
China Faces Growing Concerns over Pollution

1. Describe the environmental issues that China is facing.
They have terrible pollution. It is 20times the suggested safe pollution level. smog is so thick you cant see the skyline and a lot of people wear masks.

2. Describe the clash between China’s economic situation and the environment. Why is this situation such a major concern?

Most of the pollution comes from the factories in china. So when the factories get closed down to try to reduce the pollution, lots of people lose their job in the process. This is a concern because with people losing their jobs the economy will start to fail

3. Do you feel that it is fair for China to receive attention for green gas emissions when U.S. citizens emit more greenhouse gas emissions per person?

Yes because they have a lot more people. Their situation is clearly worse and deserves more attention. America is still getting attention and doing things about the pollution. China still deserves more attention.
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