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harvesting banana

By Elmira-Gazali Nov 24, 2013 500 Words
Regularly after nine month the banana reach its maturity and start to ripen. Banana has a tender soft skin that really easy to be ripe. To harvest banana is not like any other fruits that we can just harvest. Harvesting banana need some precaution steps to ensure no physical damage and to get the best qualities of banana for the consumer. First we have to know when the banana will reach it maturity. First and foremost check the size of the banana. The ideal size of a mature banana is plump and robust. After notice the size, we need to put a little pressure at the skin without giving an indent to the skin and if we can feel the supple and resilient. Next, we can’t say that we only allowed harvesting the yellow color banana that are already fully ripe. No this is wrong. We are able to harvest the green banana that has reach the maturity just need some more time to ripe. We don’t let the banana to ripe itself of the tree scared of the sweetness and the color may attract the insects, bugs and rodent that harmful to our fruit. To harvest banana usually are done during early morning or at the evening this is because we don’t want the banana are exposed to heat of the sun cause it can disrupt the process of ripening of banana. After harvest the banana. The clusters of banana are place on top of soft material like sponge or the banana leave as mat. This step is to avoid the friction between the bananas to ensure no bruise on the banana skin. After harvest the banana, we need to transport the banana to the factory or at the cleaning phase house. The bananas are either hand carry or buy the lorry. If by the lorry between the bananas will places a cushioning material to avoid the skin from bruising. At the factory or cleaning house, the bunch of bananas are being wash with pure clean water to remove dirt, fungicide, insecticide and any other unwanted material on the bananas. After cleaning with pure water the bananas will be dunk into the 0.1% benlete solution to let the banana ripe without any insect will attract to them. Then after dunking the bananas into the benlete solution now the banana are immerse into ethereal 40PGR 100 ppm for ten minutes. This is what normally done by the factory that are specialized in exporting bananas to overseas. Overseas markets are done to reach the best qualities. Normally what the farmers used to do for the domestic consumer, they use the carbide vapor (CaC2) in a closed area for 24 hours or the farmers just let it fume by burning the dry thatch for two days. After that the banana are being chilled at a low temperature as low as (15-18C). This process is to faster up the process of ripening banana and make the banana color much better.

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