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Harvest Farm Foods, Inc. is a company that has been around for 127 years and provides canned and frozen food to the country. In late 2008, there was a stockholders revolt that forced the then president of the company to resign. The new president, Patrick Webb has been trying to figure out why the company hasn’t grown or increased its profits like its competitors. There are some strengths that the company should improve on, and some threats the company should destroy all together, as seen below in the S.W.O.T. analysis.

Helpful Hurtful
Internal Strengths

-carried by major supermarket chains

-varied product line

-well known name after being around for 127 years

-not placed in any smaller stores

-low profit levels

-sales volume has not increased recently

-expanding horizontally
External Opportunities

-new product markets available to expand to

-place products in smaller stores

-expand product line vertically

-ability to produce new products

-competitors took advantage of expanding vertically

-customers are unselective

-no control over price in the market

-chain store pricing is very particular

S.W.O.T. Analysis Explanation

Internal Strengths

The fact that the company of Harvest Farm Foods has been in business for 127 years can be seen as a strength of the corporation. That is a long time to become a well known brand and make a name for itself. The longevity of this business is testament to the fact that it can persevere through the years. While creating a name for itself, Harvest Farm Foods has been able to be placed in major supermarket chains. This is a strength because being in a well known store that has many locations across the country is a great way to get your brand noticed and, therefore, purchased. Along with the great location, Harvest Farm Foods provides a varied product line. They can appeal to many different buyers with their variety of frozen and canned foods.

Internal Weaknesses

Even though being placed in major supermarkets is a strength of the company, not being placed in smaller markets can be considered a weakness. There is a condition of the company that to be placed in a store, the store must be able to sell a majority of the Harvest Farm Foods product line. This is a condition that many local stores don’t have the ability to meet. This is a loss of possible profits for the company. The company in recent years has had a few problems with expanding profits. Also, Harvest Farm Foods hasn’t been able to dramatically increase their sales volume. Their profits and sales volume have remained fairly stable over the past couple years, however their costs are expanding rapidly. Another weakness is that in hopes of fixing their sales problem, Harvest Farm Foods decided to expand horizontally. This hasn’t helped the company overcome their problems, instead it added to their already growing expenses.

External Opportunities

There are several opportunities in the frozen and canned food industry which Harvest Farm Foods could take advantage. Harvest Farm Foods is able and willing to produce any product that they feel will sell. Harvest Farm’s competitors have taken advantage of this opportunity and started producing frozen meals. Harvest Farm Foods have only focused on frozen and canned vegetables, fruits, pickles, and condiments. Another opportunity available would be to place the company’s products in smaller stores along with the large supermarket chains. This would greatly increase the audience that would see the products available from the Harvest Farms Food brand.

External Threats

One of the main external threats affecting Harvest Farm Foods is that the customers that buy their products are very unselective. When the consumers are shopping for the types of products that this company makes, they aren’t very brand oriented. They...
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