Harshness of Life

Topics: Poetry, Meter, Life Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Thomas and Frost have both written poems about the harshness of life. Compare and contrast two poems, one by each poet, taking account of the situation and tones of the speakers, and the form, structure and language including imagery, which each poet uses to present the theme of the harshness of life in two poems you have studied.

Frost and Thomas both write about the harshness of life in their poetry. I believe the poems "Out, Out" by Frost and "The Owl" by Thomas best illustrate this. Frost choosing to show this through the impact of a hard days work on a little boy whereas Thomas uses an owl's cry to connect the lifes of a solider and the poor/homeless to show the similarity in their lives. Both poets emphasise the same theme but their techniques differ to present this. The title "Out,Out" has an ominous tone to it, the title is a quote that Frost has used from Macbeth, "Out, damned spot, out", this is in reference to the scene where Lady Macbeth dies. From the very beginning of the poem, Frost has set a menacing, almost tormenting tone eminently refering to the harsness of life. In comparision, we look at Thomas's title "The Owl". Owls are known to be solitary animals, many cultures, for example the Africans and the Middle East, believe that owls are harbingers of death or bad omens. Both poets have used their titles to immediatley engage the reader into the theme of the poem. Frost use of blank verse gives the poem more freedom within his lexical field, blank verse also gives Frost's poem a matter of fact tone to it, "Call it a day, I wish they might have said" within the language used by Frost a sense is evoked that the day is an ordinary experience. Within the same lines we are given the inevitability of the boys death, this line is almost a plea for mercy automatically concentrating on the foreboding tragedy. Similarily Thomas uses simplistic language in a narrative tone to show the reflections of the speaker. Thomas's "The Owl" has casual ryhtm to it,...
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