Harsher Penalities Will Not Solve Sex Related Problemsss

Topics: Violence, Morality, Child abuse Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Harsher penalties will not solve sex-related problems. I do not agree to the statement given because most people do not change. For example in New Delhi they needs to implement existing laws not introduce tougher punishment such the death penalty, to prevent rape, following a brutal gang rape which shook the nation. For a person that commits it, may have been abused when he or she was young. While certain people they may be enjoying it. However, for those people who are the victims are emotionally hurt. For example for those who are placed in prison when they are free to come out they may change their appearance but within themselves is still same. Person who commits sex related problems may be weak who have low self-esteem and uneducated. Most people witnessed domestic violence, child abuse, rape in their own society or families. Harsher penalties will not solve it because it will remains within a person forever. It would be emotionally hurt; the particular person may think if he or she continues it, there may be changes within a person. According to Angie S. she agrees there needs to be stiffer penalties for sex offenders. These children will have emotional, mental and spiritual problems possibly for the rest of their lives. (Source: Angie S. 12-5-11, “Harsher Punishments for Child Abuse”). To add on, people who are imprisoned for years when they are released they are happy but within them do not change. For certain people that are released after one or two years they tend to commit the sex related problems. There are reasons lacks of moral values who commit these sex related problems. There are reasons lack of moral values in parents and are not educated which could not instill moral values to children and also children’s are not educated and don’t have any knowledge of it. The person who commits this sex related problems could be a victim when he or she was young. Moreover, the person who takes drug more often and the drugs damages the brain could...
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