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Harry Wong’s video on becoming an effective teacher helped me get pointers on things I didn’t know were so important. He presents problems that are easily solved by his terrific methods. Although being a very funny guy, Harry Wong is obviously very passionate about making us effective teachers. Harry Wong makes very valid points about effectiveness in the classroom and a new road to teaching.

Wong explains in his video that simple things some teachers brush off can make all the difference to the kids. First time teachers make the most mistakes on the first day, such as a seating chart. Wong suggests that it saves time and helps keep the students calm. You can have fun with your seating chart especially with primary students. You might want to have fun old maid cards, one is taped to the desk, one you give to the student to find their desk. This makes it easy and fun for the teachers and students. Wong makes a great point that assignments should always be posted before the students walk in. I think that makes an effective teacher because they are prepared and ready to go. Students need structure in a classroom to succeed.

Being prepared and confident in the classroom is so important to the students year because it can make or break that struggling student’s grade. Wong states that being affirmative and stating the rules is the key to success. The students need to know what they can and can’t do. Can you imagine a teacher letting you do whatever you want for the first half hour? That isn’t being an effective teacher, because kids need guidelines. They need structure, stability, and trust that their teacher knows what they’re doing. If you’re scared of your own students, how can the class operate smoothly? We need to be firm and confident in our skills. Wong repeats how important being confident and prepared on the first day of school is.

Effective teaching and a path way for new teachers is Wong’s main purpose for this very helpful video. Sometimes...
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