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In today’s society it is common for both parents to work. Unlike a few years ago, it used to be just the men working. Now women are working many hours, while they take care of their children. This could have an impact on the children. From personal experience and from seeing other children it is clear that it does have a huge impact on the children of today.

Women today are working just as much as a man works, even more. The income of one parent doesn’t cut it anymore. Now the women have to find ways to work while having time to take care and be there for their children. It’s not easy balancing the two, especially when the kids are young. Raising a child is a job itself, and they’re very delicate. Anything can have an impact on them when they are still growing. There are differences between children who are raised by working moms and stay-at-home moms. "It is damaging for parents to be away for more than a few hours a day," says Heidi Brennan, a stay-at-home mom, public policy advisor, and member of the Board of Directors for the Family and Home Network. "Research has demonstrated that the early relationship between infants and preschoolers is the foundation of all subsequent personality development." This makes total sense, it is said that the children of working mothers are likely to get lower grades in school. From personal experience, when there is an older child Mustafa 2

who can take care of the younger kids the mother will use them as a babysitter. That can really impact the older child from not being able to do as much. It puts too much pressure on the older child having to play the role as a ‘mom’. Mothers need to be aware of anything affecting their children.

Stay at home moms sacrifice so much just so their kids can be raised perfectly. Stay at home moms help the child develop mental and verbal skills, rather than those who are away most of the time. The mom helps teach them life skills, without the parent at home they wouldn’t learn as much. These life skills will be needed throughout their whole school experience. Sometimes being a stay at home mom can put the mother in depression from being home all the time. There are many wrong and rights in this situation. In a poll, it said mothers who don’t work outside the home were far more likely to be depressed, with 28 percent reporting depression, compared with 17 percent of working mothers who don’t have children. Sharon Lerner explained, “In fact, stay-at-home moms fare worse than these two groups by every emotional measure in the survey, reporting more anger, sadness, stress, and worry.” This shows that being a full time stay at home mom isn’t healthy for the mother.

Mothers have a tough job having to balance work and kids. Sometimes too much of one can be unhealthy for the mom and kids. Moms need to work now-a-days and it’s difficult when having young kids. It’s important for the mother to find some type of balance. The mom can’t stay home or else she will most likely suffer from depression. It’s a very interesting situation to be put in. Balance is the key when it comes to something like this. Mustafa 3

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