Harry Brown Review

Topics: Plan B, Michael Caine, Tube map Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Harry Brown

Harry Brown opened my to a social issue that I never really thought about. In my opinion the movie reflected London as a town with 3 kinds of people, the non-violent, the police, and the criminals. It convinced me that what goes on in the movie is what goes in the real life, considering the London riots. It made me think, that ever though you’re only 1 person you can make a difference. I really enjoyed this movie a lot, not at one point in the movie did I think about anything else than the movie. The story takes place in southern London. The story starts with Harry Brown leaving his flat to visit his sick wife Kath who is on the edge of dying. He afterward goes to the local pub to play chess with his only friend Leonard Attwell. Kath dies, and Harry is in great grief. The only thing that’s left in Harry’s world is Len. Len tells harry that the local gang is harassing him and he’s going to kill them with an old bayonet. Harry tries to talk him out of it, and suggests him to go to the police, but Len says that he already went to the police and didn’t do anything. The night after that conversation, Len is stabbed to death under a bridge. Inspector Alice Frampton and her partner Terry Hicock are the ones chosen to investigate the case. They tell Harry that the police have not found any other evidence, other than the bayonet, so they cant arrest the local criminals, and if they try to take the case to court, the criminals will just say that it was self defense. Harry Brown realizes that things aren’t going to change, if he’s not going to do something about it himself. The actors in the movie were one with there characters, I knew a few of them already from other stuff they have made, but this movie totally changed my image of them, and only sublime actors can do that. The best actor was without a doubt Michael Caine (Harry Brown) he made me fell what harry brown was feeling, and he made me see his point of view and made me believe in it. In my head he...
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