Harrods Audit

Topics: Department store, Marketing, Harrods Pages: 17 (1888 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Brand Audit - Harrods
A Marketing Audit on the brand Harrods on how it markets its products to the British market.

Marketing Management

CHAN LI, Dixie Embleton, Hsin Yi Lee


1. Brand Introduction1
2. Marketing Environment1
2.1 Micro-environment2
2.2 Macro-environment3
3. SWOT Analysis4
4. Recommendations7

1. Brand Introduction
Harrods is a department store located in London, and founded in 1834. Global blue (2014) who offers advice to foreign travelers view there is much more to it than a department store, quoting “Harrods is a British institution, rich in history and romance, shaped by its owners and customers and, above all, its staff.” Harrods is famous for being luxurious and its British heritage and they know the importance of their brand image stating that ‘it is one of their most valuable assets.’ (My Private Brand, 2011.) This audit will focus on how the brand is used to market products on the British market. 2. Marketing Environment

Macro-environment: PEST
Retail Market
Tourism Market
Conservatives to cut income tax before 2018 (BBC, 2014a)
Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act 2000 (Legislation, n.d)
Terrorist attacks or scares in London
Increase in minimum wage 2014 (BBC, 2014b)
Tourists: Mainly UAE and Saudi. (National.ae, 2013)
British Shoppers. (National.ae, 2013)
Youth Audience, 21-34, Biggest demographic. (Marketing Magazine, 2014) ‘Upper class’ (UK Essays, n.d)
Increase in employment within London. (ONS, 2014)
Inflation rates fell to 1.5% in August (BBC, 2014d)
London attracts mass amounts of tourists. (ONS, 2013)
Higher cost of staff, Minimum wage increase in 2014(BBC, 2014b) Competition: (Visit London, n.d)
Selfridges & Co
Harvey Nickels
John Lewis
Fenwick on Bond Street.
Fortnum & Mason
House of Fraser
Marks & Spencer's
Growing trend online shopping (Retail research, 2011) (WARC, 2014) Increase use in social media
Shopping habits: Peak shopping periods. E.G. Christmas.
Distributors: (Harrods, n.d)
Harrods is the distributor
Designer brands: Gucci, Prada, Channel etc.
And their own brand.
Range of products:
Clothes, Furniture/Home wares, Cosmetics, Perfume, Jewellery, Food & wine. Technological
Online shopping (Sky News 2014)
Increase use of social media (emarketer, 2013)
Use of websites. Information can be passed more easily
Improvements in transportation.
Suppliers: (Harrods, n.d)
Designer Brands / Designer Goods.
Food & Wine and Electrical suppliers: E.G. Apple

2.1 Micro-Environment
Research done by the Centre for retail research in 2010 discovered London was the shopping capital of the world and that the UK has the largest online sales - £9.9 billion. The tourism market is a growing within the UK. According to the office of national statistics (2013) London had 16.8m visitors in 2013 which was 51% of the total tourist who visited the UK. (Appendix 1 for more info) Their target market segment is ‘upper class’ customers and it’s thought that people who shop there belong to ‘social class A’ and expect service and quality (UK Essays. 2012). Harvey Nickels is there main rival only being a few meters away from Harrods selling allot of the same products and designer goods. 2.2 Macro-environment

Factors such as; cut in income tax, an increase in employment and low inflation rates will increase disposable income, meaning they have more money to spend in Harrods. Having a higher cost in minimum wage means Harrods have to pay more out to their employees. Fur Farming (Prohibition) Act 2000 banned the production of fur within the UK (Legislation n.d) and over 80% of the UK population is opposed to the sale of fur. Harrods it the only department store in the UK which continues to sell real fur (CAFT, n.d). As shown earlier in the microenvironment the UK is...

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Appendix 1: Tourism in London 2013, (Office for national statistics, 2013)
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