Harrison Bergeron

Topics: Sound, Radio, Transmitter Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: November 13, 2013
Both story and movie portray a future where everyone is mentally, physically, and socially equal. The people who made the film did not portray it well in most areas. The character Harrison Bergeron in both the movie and story was described differently. Harrison’s father wears a metal handicap radio in his ear. The government in the story regulates mostly everything and in the movie they it forces the people to obey the laws that are announced. The story shows the character Harrison as if he is superman, but the film does not show that at all. The character Harrison in both the movie and story was totally described differently. In the story he was fourteen years old, seven feet tall, athletic, good looking and he is genius. While in the film he looks like he is twenty years old than he does to fourteen, and although he seems bright, and is far from being a genius. Harrison in the story had the specious status of a God among these average people who are handicapped. In the film he bares absolutely no resemblance to the one described in the story. Harrison’s father wears a metal handicap radio on his head. The use of metal handicapper noises as symbols in the original narrative, that his father is wearing it. The radio transmits sounds to scatter his thoughts. The increased violence of these sounds symbolizes the increasing violence in the story. At the end, the sound of a riveting gun went off George’s head. As actions in the story grows the intensity of the government transmitter’s noises more. It starts out with a simple buzzer. It progresses to a milk bottle being hit by hammer then climaxes to a twenty-one gun salute. In the story the government controls everything, not just intelligence but strength and beauty as well and handicapped people appropriately. The strong people are forced to wear bags filled with lead balls; beautiful people are forced to wear masks so others would not feel unequal to them in looks. The people who are very intelligent are...
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