Harrison Bergeron

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HarrShania Johnson
Short Stories
Harrison Bergeron Reflection Essay
Harrison Bergeron is a man that just wanted to be free and unique. He does not like the fact that the society is equal. No one is better than anyone, which leads to loss of individuality. The governor of the Handicaps regulates the society and how the people view their selves as. Harrison Bergeron is a story (book form) and a short film. Both forms of the story have similarities and differences, which then reflections on how the readers and audience understood the story. People having different learning styles so these two versions of the story are very helpful.

I first read the story to get an idea of the story before I watched the short film. I understood what the story was talking about and the plot. Although I understood the main idea of the film, I still misinterpreted some parts and details within the story. Once I watched the film I noticed there were some differences than what I have retained. In the book form it said the setting/ time period took place in 2081. People that were beautiful had to wear mask over their faces and the strong had to wear bags over their heads. Also the intelligent had to wear radio transmitters on heir ears which made a loud, screeching sound. The noise made them forget their next train thought. The governor of the handicaps made these rules so everyone can feel equal. No one will feel and be better than any other person in the society.

In the film, the setting took place in 2053 and no one was wearing masks or bags. The people did wear weight bags as all day attire, something that was not mentioned in the book. While reading the story I also pictured the people wearing different clothing and Harrison’s parents home looking differently than what the movie portrayed. In the book I pictured the people clothed like us now in 2013, colorful clothing and up to date styles and the residence with white walls, vivid pictures, and nice furniture. In...
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