Harriet Tubman

Topics: Slavery in the United States, Harriet Tubman, American Civil War Pages: 4 (1608 words) Published: October 1, 2012
Being born as a slaveBorn a slave, Harriet Tubman iscan be defined as a self-liberated abolitionist who is hthat is honored for saving hundreds of slaves and helping them reach freedom. Harriet Tubman struggled through her early years working as a slave for plantation owners. Harriet wapossessed ves very little worth to anyone, she never got the respect or companionship that which a person needs. She faced discrimination, racism, and torture from all of her owners. Harriet Tuman dealt with Overcoming various difficult obstacles with the help of other abolitionists, Harriet helped give back to the people by giving slaves freedom, an education, and a place to live. Despite all the of her hardships, Harriet Tubman became known as one of the most heroic African Americans to rescue and support slaves from the South.

Harriet did not have the easiest life; : from the very beginning, she worked for many other people and had little meaning to anyone. Harriet Tubman was born around the year of 1820. She was born in Dorchester, Maryland (Janney 15). She was the youngest of eleven children in her family. At the age of thirteen, , was first time when hHarriet Tubman helped slave escape from their owner. A very tough obstacle that Harriet faced was not being able to read or write. Gale U.S. in History context stated that, “at a very young age Harriet Tubman survived through the measles and a serious case of bronchitis” (“Harriet” History). It took Harriet around six weeks to fully heal. After she was healthy, Harriet was hired out to a woman by the name of Miss Susan. Harriet would be beaten or whipped if she did not do as what Miss Susan commanded. (“Harriet”). One day, Harriet attempted to steal sugar from Miss Susan, but Miss Susan caught her in the act. Miss Susan reached for a whip and as this was happening Harriet sprinted out of the house to make an escape (“Harriet”). Without any money or food, Harriet returned to her owner’s house and received a beating that ended...

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