Haroun and the Sea of Stories

Topics: Family, Ocean, Mother Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Haroun and the Sea of Stories

“What makes the story moving is the idea of the father's redemption by his own child.” (Michael Billington) Discuss! Haroun’s father is called Rashid Khalifa. His family break apart because bot his son and his wife accuse him of telling meaningless and useless stories and not being rational at all. His wife leaves him, but his son suddenly relizes that Rashid his ability of telling stories dried up, so he thinks it’s all his fault and wants to do something because otherwise there’ll be bad consequences for the father. He wants his father to get his storytelling gift back, while they are on a trip. Haroun tries to ask everyone to help them, he feels guilty of having broken the spirit of his father. As soon as hee sees a danger, for example when they meet Mr Buttoo, he wants to protect him, which shows his big love for his father. Also when the boy drinks Wishwater, his first thought goes immediately to his father. Haroun finds the way to get to the Earth’s second moon, home of the Ocean of the Streams of Story, Rashid’s source of tales, which is pollued. They absolutely have to save the Ocean, so that Rashid won’t be sad anymore and will get his capability of telling stories back. During this experience Haroun explored a new part of him, his bravery. Divren by the big desire of repairing the sadness of his father. Thanks to that there will be a happy ending in the story, because her father will accomplish his job of telling a story to the politicos, names « Haroun and the Sea of Stories ». When they return home from the trip, there’s another surprise : Haroun finds her mother there, again. His love for his father, his bravery and also the remorse of having said these things to him are the reasons for his « victory ». His family isunified again and the relationship between him and his father is unbreakable.
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