Harmon's Arguments Against Police Brutality

Topics: Police, Law, Arrest Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: March 21, 2016

when their force has become deadly force and they still continue to murder some innocent people who do not deserve to die the way they have.
There are different types of police brutality. What starts out as a simple altercation turns into a real sticky situation because police do not know when they have gone too far when it comes to force. Excessive force, false arrestment or imprisonment, malicious prosecution, unreasonable search, and rights of pre-trail detainees are all different types of police brutality. Police are supposed to use force when they are trying to restrain an individual who is physically restricting arrest. If a police officer uses extra force that is unnecessary such as hitting or kicking or anything of that kind and the...

It is getting more and more popular especially to African Americans, and more specifically African American males. It is making the world and community a more dangerous place than it already is. It is making this society a very destructive and violent place. In order to stop the violence there has to be some leadership and control. As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr said, “Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever. The urge for freedom will eventually come” (5). Getting assaulted by a police officer should never be understood or viewed as okay. Although racism and discrimination may completely be gone, it can reduce if there were more leaders. Harmon argues that “defensive force justification defenses arise when individuals threaten interests that are weighty enough to justify protection” (1147). Harmon always justifies that “the common law connection between justification defenses and police use of force may not be surprising in light of the development of law enforcement in the country” (1149). In other words this means that when someone speaks out and decides to have a voice about needing protection they will not stop until they get what they need. In this case, they get all the resources they need in order to get justice. Police brutality is not right and is making this society weak. The justice department needs to take control and breaking the law should not be acceptable for anyone, not even the police department....
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