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Topics: Harley-Davidson, Motorcycle, Harley Owners Group Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: March 25, 2012
1.How does Harley-Davidsonbuild long term customer relationship? As a company who sold more than 900,000 units of motorcycle, Harley Davidson must be made a very good relationship with its customers, especially the long-term customers. We all know that Harley-Davidson users are not only men, but also women. Even in some products, they make teenagers ride them too. So that, the company needs to keep their relationship in the right ways. In a case, Harley-Davidson Company builds a good relationship to the customers by shortening the distance between the company and its customers. They make a community in every genre or style, by website especially. For example in an area or in young executive forum, and also Harley-Davidson make the community for the female users. Those people often make a touring event with all the community members. Harley-Davidson also make a gathering event to celebrate the Harley-Davidson anniversary in every single year until now. The informations are available in the website. Included the gathering date for the communities and events that will be held by Harley-Davidson Company. Usually, the communities had been included in a group that facilitated by the company, it called Harley-Davidson Owner Group (H.O.G). Everyone who joins in this group can get a lot of benefit. There, they can share every experience they got when ride the motorcycles. In the other side, the company can reach the advantages too. They give the members the information about the newest Harley-Davidson product to the customer. This way will help the company to promote, so they can expand the market of Harley Davidson selling. In the same time, if the customers have a problem about their ride, Harley-Davidson Company can help to solve. It is going to make the costumers feel satisfied. Thus, the good relationship between both of them will be existed, because the key of Harley-Davidson Company’s long-term relationship is about customer satisfaction. Harley-Davidson boasts...
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