Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company

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Harley Davidson Motor Company
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Brief History
The Harley Davidson Motor Company has been in the motorcycle industry for almost a hundred years and has been indicted as one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Historically, the motor business of the Harley Davidson started in the early 1900’s where William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson developed a motor bike. In 1903, the first bike by Harley and Davidson was made and was available to the public. The motor bike had 3-1/8 inch bore and 3 ½ inch stroke which were created for racing purposes. The first bike that was manufactured by Harley and Davidson was done inside a wooden shed which had 10 x 15- foot wood frame and had writings in the door that said “Harley Davidson Motor CO”. Throughout the decades of developing motorcycles, Harley Davidson Motor Company has had success in making quality motor bikes that have been used by millions of people from all around the world (Harley Davidson, 2014).

Organization’s Scope of Management
Harley Davidson Motors employs a management team that consists of different members with each member performing different functions. Since its historic debut in the 1900’s, the company now has a large scope of management team. The company is headed by few leaders that have different functions in the team. The role of the chairman, president, and Chief Executive Officer is held by Keith Wandell. This would be seconded the General Manager, Corporate Strategy and Business Development officer, John P. Baker. The rest of the leaders of the team would comprise the Vice President of Communications, Vice President of Human Resources. Co-president and Chief Operating Officer, Vice President and General Counsel and Secretary, and the Senior Vice President and Chief Financing Officer (Harley Davidson, 2014).

The team would also have Board of Directors for the management extension of the company. The Board of directors still has the Chairman and CEO, and operating partner, Chief Executive Officer of another company, and Other Corporate leaders of other companies that would have a stand for the Harley Davidson Motors. The Board of Directors is composed of twelve different Directors.

The composition of the Management team is quite simple for a huge company like the Harley Davidson Motors, on the higher management, the leaders have collaborated duties such as the Chairman of the Management Team is also the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Decision making of the company
Basically, in the decision making process of the company the management team of the company should filter any suggestions that came from below the team and will be headed by the President and Chief Executive Officer.

According to an interview with Rich Teerlink and Lee Ozley, authors of the book “More than a Motorcycle”, a book about the transition and evolution of the Harley Davidson Motor Company that the leadership skill that is used by the company in the old traditional ways would be the “command and conquer”. This conventional type of leadership in decision making has helped the company rise towards the impending crisis in the years that both the authors were organizational consultants of the company. This is because the traditional command and control leadership of decision making is more organized and decisive that would make decisions critically in every way in order to leave no room for mistakes (Harley Davidson, 2014).

Although this practice is not often used by the company, during crisis times would need this type of measure. This type of leadership in decision making would have the president and Chief Executive Officer assign tasks to help him/her accomplish the process of decision making and to have a decisive outlook on the decision that the company is about to decide. However,...

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