Harley Davidson Marketing Strategy

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Discuss the attractiveness of the women motorcyclist market in terms of size and growth. As pointed out in the video, Harley Davidson is fully committed to fostering and growing the women motorcyclist market. Women today represent a large sector of the workforce, enjoy higher incomes than 20 years ago, and possess more disposable income. Furthermore, women are much more empowered than ever before and are encouraged to exercise their freedom of expression and individualism. To fill their psychological needs of freedom and individualism, as well as their sense of adventure, women are purchasing customized motorcycles by the thousands. Harley Davidson has certainly recognized the women motorcyclist market as a great growth opportunity for the company and is specifically targeting this specific group of consumers. In regards to the overall success of their efforts, the results are clear. In 1985, Harley Davidson sold 600 units to women versus 30,000 units in 2003. In 1990, women motorcycle sales represented 6.4% of Harley Davidson’s overall sales opportunities, compared to 10% in 2003. Harley Davidson has recognized the growth opportunity in the women motorcyclist market and is doing a fantastic job catering to the specific wants and needs of this particular target group. Discuss specific tactics Harley Davidson utilizes to attract the women motorcyclist market. How would these tactics differ from attracting men? Harley Davidson is doing a fantastic job catering to the psychographic values of women. Women who engage in active lifestyles and are comfortable exercising their freedom of expression and individualism, make up Harley Davidson’s women motorcyclist target group. To reach this particular target audience, Harley Davidson aggressively advertises in women magazines such as Glamour, Shape, and Lifestyle. In addition, Harley Davidson has dedicated a section of their website to women motorcyclists, routinely hosts “garage parties” to educate and inform...
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