Harley Davidson Case

Topics: Supply chain management, Organizational culture, Harley-Davidson Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: July 3, 2007
1. What kind of culture does Harley have? How does organizational culture affect IT driven change? 1)Harley-Davidson puts high value on
¡§individual participation¡¨ and
¡§teamwork¡¨ in terms of
organizational culture. It also
applies the concept of ¡§self-
directed teams¡¨ derived from this
organizational culture.
2) Harley-Davidson has developed
group leadership of IS function
based on collaborative organizational culture. Each circle has its own IS Director, and three IS Directors from three circles organize ¡§Office of the CIO¡¨ which provides IS leadership enterprise-wide.

3) Each circle has an Information Technology Circle (ITC) consisted of pairs of senior IS people and end users representing each site and function. 4) Organizational structure of IS function at Harley-Davidson is based on ¡§individual participation,¡¨ ¡§teamwork¡¨ and ¡§self-directed teams¡¨ in its nature. All the IS functions are working on team basis, and every site & non-IS function has opportunities to participate in relevant ITC and suggest their concerns and opinions on behalf of their team.

5) This collaborative & autonomous atmosphere at Harley-Davidson has made IT driven change well-aligned with businesses and possible to meet each circle¡¦s requirements on business and IT. 6) In SiL¡¦K project, however, Harley-Davidson tries ¡§centralized¡¨ approach to implement ERP system enterprise-wide. It is evidence that shows Harley- Davidson¡¦s endeavor to transform from entrepreneurial organization to hybrid or network organization.

2. What is your overall assessment of Garry Berryman¡¦s change program? Did it take too long? How might have you done it differently?

▪ Berryman executed change program mainly from the three points of view which were setting the stage, stages in action and supplier selecting. 1) Setting the stage
Driving an importance force for changes to new efficient systems. So developed corporate wide SMS which...
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