Harlem Renaissance Speech

Topics: Harlem Renaissance, African American culture, American Civil War Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: November 21, 2010
Topic: The Harlem Renaissance
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the 3 major advancements made to society as a . result of the Harlem Renaissance. Thesis Statement: The 3 major advancements were made in art, music and literature Introduction

Attention Material: Music
Thesis Statement: The 3 major advancements were made in art, music and literature Preview: The Harlem Renaissance was an important time period in African American History. . New to freedom, many of the former slaves sought a new beginning in the North. . Songs, paintings and literature as I will explain, were created as a reflection of what . was happening during this time. (Connective: “Prior to this era, the African American community faced many hardships…”) Body

I.African Americans had been enslaved in the South since the beginning of colonization. A.They were seen as an inferior race by white society
B.They were taken advantage of and abused.
C.In 1861, the Civil War began which was a battle between the North and the South. 1. One goal the North expressed was freeing the slaves.
2.The South refused to accept the abolition of slavery.
D.In 1865, the Civil War ended.
1. The South was defeated.
2.All slaves were freed by Abraham Lincoln
a.According to a slave testimony this was “the most anticipated but disappointing moment in the history of our lives” (Testimony) b.The 13th amendment was passed which abolished slavery, but white society in the South continued to treat the African Americans the same way. E.In response to feeling mistreated, the African Americans started a movement called the Great Migration, in which the blacks migrated to the North in search of a new life. 1. They travelled to cities such as Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Chicago and New York. 2.Harlem became the focal point of this migration.

(Connective: “With a new...
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