Harlem Renaissance

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Langston Hughes
The Harlem Renaissance is an artistic and literary movement that centers in Harlem, New York from the 1919 to the mid-1930s. During this period of time Harlem became the cultural center for African pride and heritage, bringing together African-American writers, artists, poets, musicians, and scholars throughout the nation. Many African-Americans in Harlem came from the South because they wanted to escape the idea of white supremacy, racial oppression, and segregation from the Jim Crow laws. Many other African-Americans arrived in Harlem after fighting in World War 1. Beginning about 1890, Blacks started moving to the north in large numbers. By the turn of the century, this Great Migration brought hundreds of thousands of African-Americans from the Deep South to the rural North in an attempt to escape lynching, segregation and racism. However, the Harlem Renaissance is more than a literary movement. Because of men like Langston Hughes, who choose to instead live in regret, self-hate and pity, brought fourth a realization of racial pride, and a demand for civil rights as well as political rights during this era. Hughes is best considered to be the leading voice of the Harlem Renaissance because in his writings he expressed the simplicity of black beauty, uprooted the sense of black dignity, and made African-Americans, like him, proud of who they are.

Poet, novelist, and playwright, (James) Langston Hughes was the leading voice during the Harlem Renaissance because he expressed black dignity and beauty of the everyday Negro in his work. The time he spent in Harlem clubs influenced his writing, and caused him to be one to the greatest innovators of Jazz Poetry. Biographical Research

Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri on February 1, 1902. Hughes had no real family, but instead was passed around between family and friends. When Hughes was a child, his parents James Hughes and Carrie Langston divorced,...
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