Harlem Children’s Zone

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The Harlem Children’s Zone is changing the cycle of generational poverty and helping children beat the odds. It is one of the most ambitious social experiments in our time according to The New York Times. The project uses a holistic approach to rebuilding the community by keeping the children on track from birth through college and to the job market.
 (Symbolic Interactionist - A basic premise is that a condition must be defined or recognized as a social problem for it to be a social problem.)
Mr. Canada saw a social problem and decided to do something about it. The first thing he did was defined a problem, that was poor kids in Harlem were grades behind suburb kids and would be more likely to stay in the same lower social class that they started life in with the threat of crime and violence in their future. The statistics about poverty – particularly in regard to poor minority children – are shocking. When Mr. Canada started the Harlem Children’s Zone he took all the research and looked at all the data so he could make a change in society.
 (Conflict Theory - Views society as composed of unequal groups and interests competing for power and resources.)
What he saw was an inequality and wanted to close the gap between white suburb kids and the inner-city kids and the education they were receiving. He decided to change the system.
 (Solutions involve changing institutions or creating new ones)
If you look what he has accomplished to change the lives of so many children thru a structural functionalist perspective, you would see that he has revamped the education system and manifest a great change. Mr. Canada started with building his own school with services the community cannot provide to the children. There is a health care center, dental center, and organic farm to name a few. The project starts with the parents with what’s called The Baby Project, which is a workshop for parents to learn how to best prepare young children for school. Mr. Canada also

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