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Dried raisins, rotten meat, sags, and explodes! These are not very interesting descriptions, are they? "Harlem," (A.K.A. " A Dream Deferred,") by Langston Hughes is a poem written about postponing or delaying a dream that you want to fulfill in your lifetime. Many people in the world today have put off their dreams for many different reasons, I know I sure had to. I always dreamt about graduating on time, not only for me but for my son aswell. I tried my hardest to balance between being a full time mother and being a student. Unfortunately it did not turn out successfully like I planned. I have come to realize when you defer a dream it starts to "Dry up like a raisin in the sun."

In Langston Hughes' poem, he uses the phrase "Fester like a sore" to describe a postponed dream. I think by this he means that when you set a dream aside for to long, it is like an open wound and just gets worse and worse. Typically, people set their dreams aside and tell themselves they will accomplish their dreams at a later date, and never get back to it at all. Many people in the world can relate to this but, myself personally, I do not feel like I relate to this so much. I am currently working on accomplishing my dream.

Hughes wrote in his poem, "Maybe it just sags like a heavy load." Sometimes postponing a dream can put alot of weight and "what ifs" on your shoulders. On occasion there will be times when I think back to my past and think about how I did not accomplish my dream when I wanted to, it seriously puts alot of pressure on me. I feel like back then I did not only let myself down but I let my son down too. I sure am glad that I am one of those people who got the chance to get around to accomplishing my dream. One of my favorite phrases in this poem is, "Or does it explode?" It is a short phrase and has alot of meaning to it. When you set aside your dream, your on the verge of giving your dream away. Everyone that has a dream set aside at...
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