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Topics: Mobile phone, Employment, Information security Pages: 2 (672 words) Published: December 6, 2014
Harivyas Nagaraju
Bonus Assignment
Legal Environment of Information Systems

Revolution in technology makes the world as convenient as they can, many advancements have been made to maintain the privacy and security issues in the organizations with their employees. In today’s world of technology the privacy and security concerns plays a major role in any organization from initial stage to the ending of some work. Smart phones are one of the modern computers that are being used now by an every individual in the society to know the updates for easy and quick responses. And also they had the many security issues with which it has some advantages and disadvantages. Smart phones usage has many serious and positive concerns in many ways in many organizations and companies. Companies maintain all the secure information of the important data and all the confidential details. Employers should be associated to the company for the security issues. Using smart phones in companies can have many advantages and disadvantages. Using Smart phones in workplaces which works like installing the software that deletes the content in the smart phone when it is lost or stolen has some advantages and disadvantages.

Installing a software that removes all the data if there is any violation is a good advantage for the companies to maintain the security of the data. Companie’s usually has problems with the copyright issues due to the stolen data of some important data which causes company to huge losses. By using such type of software’s installed in employers phone can improve the security issues. Confidential information of the company may be stolen and can be misused by the employer can be easily identified and take the necessary actions. .

There are many advantages for maintaining smart phone by the employee in helping the company in expansion with the products and other information any time available. Having such software’s in mobile can keep the employee...
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