Hardy Boys-Casefiles No. 46: Foul Play

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Book Report

Book Title: Hardy Boys – Casefiles NO. 46: Foul Play
Author: Franklin W. Dixon
Date Published: December 1990

List of Characters: Frank and Joe Hardy: They are two brothers who solve the crime

Stuart “Portside” Murphy: Owner of a minor league baseball team who hires the Hardy Brothers to solve a mystery for him.

Rocky Synder: Owner of a rival minor league baseball team who is the one orchestrating the crimes against Stuart Murphy.
“Big Ben” and Oscar: Then henchmen of Rocky Synder who’s main purpose is to make sure the Hardy Brothers don’t get in the way of Synder’s plans.

Synopsis: The Hardys get a package from Stuart Murphy with a baseball card worth $100,000. When Rocky Synder knows this, he does anything to get the card. The Hardys are then hired by Stuart Murphy to investigate an embezzling scam thats been happening at Stuart Murphy’s stadium. They learn that one of Synder’s henchmen has been using hacking software to embezzle 10% of every dollar earned through ticket and concession sales. While gathering evidence, the Hardys have been shot at, beaten, and even tried to have been poisoned to death. The story ends with a confrontation between The Hardys, Synder and his henchmen; Rocky manages to take the card away from Frank Hardy. But before things got worse the police arrived and arrested the culprits. The card that Rocky took turned out to be a fake and the card was really in the Hardy’s safe and they returned it to Stuart Murphy.

My Review: The point that I think the author was trying to get across was that when solving a crime, you always have to expect the unexpected and don’t say or believe anything until you have solid facts instead of going on a hunch.

Book Evaluation: I would rate this book a 7 and I would recommend this book to a friend because the characters were very limited and not very much was known about them. The plot was very slow and to me it is...
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