Hardware Requirements

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Table 3

Hardware Requirements

Delka Paint Center and Auto Detailing Server Computer (Preferably with Pentium Dual Core processor) equipped with:

At least 60 GB Hard Drive
Minimum 512MB RAM
64 MB Video Card
The users are recommended to use the suggested hardware specification to obtain system efficiently and reliability.

Software Requirements. The software development tools for this study are presented in Table 4.

Table 4

Software Requirements

Peopleware Requirements. The project proponents and the recommendation of appropriate users for the new system with specific task given are presented in Table 5. Table 5

Peopleware Requirements


Project Manager

System Analyst



System Designer

The Project Manager sees to it that the project will be done in the best quality. Define project scope, goals and deliverables, manages time, money, people and materials.

The System Analyst will analyze existing system and participates in system design studies. Gather data relative to input and output of existing system systems, and suggest solutions to problems.

The Programmer will perform the coding for the system
, and will test and modify the system to ensure that it operates reliably .Creates interactive and dynamic Web pages, as well as handles form data. A researcher is responsible for data gathering and will search for knowledge or in general any systematic investigation to establish facts.

The System Designer Working closely with the client, analysts examine existing business models and flows of data, discuss their findings with the client, and design an appropriate improved IT solution. They act as the liaison between the client and the developers.

Back-end user:
Head Manager

Front-end user:
Assistant Manager, Customers
Responsible for maintaining,...
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