Hardware Components of a Computer

Topics: Microphone, Speech recognition, Push-button telephone Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: March 15, 2007
Identify Hardware Components of a Computer

Voice Recognition devices are becoming an increasingly popular component of the personal computer. People use their own unique voices to communicate tasks to a machine, whether it is to dictate a letter or depend on a device to work for you while you perform other tasks hands free.

This week's readings about hardware helped me understand the article I read about Voice Recognition because the chapter reading explained how the process works. Microphones and special software are used to record and convert the sound of the human voice into digital signals. I have known about Voice Recognition software but never understood how the computer understood the voice; tone and accents.

Voice Activation has been around a few years but the type of service the products provides is increasing and improving. For example, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Comverse, Philips, and SpeechWorks are working to together developing speech-enabled software that allows calling up a website on any device without having to click a button.

There is a Forum named SALT, the Speech Application Language Tags, that are claiming to be the first to integrate graphics and video with voice recognition software. This will basically pave the way for speech-enabling the Web and taking speech recognition into the mainstream.

Voice Recognition is becoming available to devices other than just computers. Analysts predict that we are turning into a speech-driven world. Even cell phones are capitalizing on Voice Recognition. Not only will they free up both hands for use while talking, they won't have to deal with the small numbers on the keypad of a cell phone.

Several makes of automobiles have Voice Recognition as an option. Drivers can activate programs and CDs with their voice and not have to take their hand off the wheel.
It is estimated that phones without keypads will be introduced into the market some time next year. Keypads will be used less and...
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