Hardware and Software Selection Paper

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University of Phoenix
Hardware and Software Selection Paper
ACC 340
Team C
Christina Bui, Eric Leamon, Tamara Cook, & Vetta Homutoff
Joyce Williams

Hardware and Software Selection Paper
Technology plays a very important role in businesses because it helps make things so much easier as far as recording the information, create financial statements, and account management. Thus, computer hardware is what the companies use for data storage, and software packages are the tools businesses use to help the business run faster and easier. There are different types of hardware and software that the companies have to choose wisely to fit and benefit their businesses. It is important to have the hardware that help the company store, organize, manipulate, and update the amount of business information with the assistance of database management programs because the company would use the programs to keep track with its customers, employees, suppliers, and inventory. Also, the most important is that the programs allow the accountants and accounting clerks keep track and maintain with the company’s financial reports, and the programs allow them to manage the payrolls as well as the account receivable and account payable to avoid error financial reports and tax returns. Riordan AIS Integration and End-User Information Access

Technology plays a very important role in all types of businesses because it helps the organizations get things done must fast, easy, and secure. It also allows the organizations to maintenance their businesses as well as keep track with the clients or consumers. Thus, many organizations use hardware to record the company’s information, they also use the computer software as a method to protect their computers against hackers attack and other Internet treats. However, there are certain people in different level allow having access to the information, and the people who need access to the information would be the accountants (general and supervisors), accounting clerks, director of accounting and finance, the president, CEO, CFO, and COO. The accounting clerks needs to access to the information to edit or enter payments, billings, and adjustment of credit or debit for the business, and they also need to access to the General Ledger and Month end reports to ensure all the information is corrected to avoid future problems. Also, the general accountant and accounting supervisors need to view the reports to ensure the accounting clerks complete their tasks by enter all the information before month end. Once all the information are entered the director of accounting and finance would access to review the reports or edit them if needed to ensure that the finance are corrected such as Account Payable and Credit, and they will base on the information and number on the reports to make best decisions for the business. On the other hand, the president, CEO, CFO, and COO would access to the entire system to review all the reports such as month end reports and payment reports in order to see if the company is making or losing money. The bottom line would show that either the company is making profits or losing money and which areas. It is important for the reports to be accurate because the management would base on the information shows on these reports to make best decision for the business as well as the company. Riordan AIS Integration and Internal Controls

Integrating the accounts receivable accounting process into an automated system requires specific internal controls to protect the company against fraud and theft. An efficient control system will protect the confidence of information, quickly identify errors, and remove the opportunity of compromise. Setting controls should also ensure the accuracy of data entered into the accounts receivable ledger, ensure a segregation of duties, and promote a timely presentation of financial reports in accordance with the generally...

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