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Chapter 8 Reviewing the Basics
2.BSOD – blue screen of death
3.Depends on the BIOS manufacturer
4.Power supply or failing hard drive
5.Windows Memory Diagnostic tool
6.To prevent the motherboard from touching the case, which could cause a short. 7.Go into BIOS setup and check the screen that reports the temperature 8.To keep them out of the way of moving parts, and it keeps the cables from moving, preventing short circuits if a cable is worn. 9.Because the air vent on the bottom of the case can be blocked and static electricity is generated by the friction of anything rubbing on a carpet and can cause short. 10.Front to rear

11.CMOS ram might be corrupt. Run bios setup and reset bios to default settings. If it occurs again try, flashing bios. 12.Disable the port and use an expansion card
13.Because if it was the video driver, you wouldn’t be able to see anything. 14.Go into BIOS and check the temp of the cpu, it can be caused by a failing processor, motherboard or ram, or a corrupted Windows install 15.640 X 480

16.A plastic keyboard cover
17.Because cold items if heated rapidly tend to develop condensation on them. With this moisture buildup, if you unpacked it right away and plugged the device in, the condensate could cause a short in the electronics. 18.Some batteries can contain silver oxide, mercury, lithium, or cadmium and are considered hazardous waste. 19.An uninterruptible power supply - UPS

20.Return to the manufacturer or dealer to be recycled.

Reviewing the Basics Ch. 9

2.32, 128
3.Port number or port address
5.Class B
6.Class C
7.Public IP-addresses are used in the Internet (they are registered addresses). Private IP-addresses are used in local networks. They can't. Private IP addresses are IP addresses used on private intranets that are isolated from the Internet. 8.It’s a private IP address

10.Usually the systems will be assigned an APIPA address or manually...
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