Harden's Curriculum Questions

Topics: Assessment, Evaluation, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (938 words) Published: September 16, 2011
Harden’s ten questions is a tool to identify errors and improve course planning: personal perspective.

Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences (CUCMS) is a new private university, launched in 2005 at Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Currently, it contains two faculties: Medicine and Pharmacy. It is always difficult for new lecturers to design and deliver a new course or curriculum without prior experience. Harden (1986) proposed `Ten questions to ask when planning a course or a curriculum` and review of that paper provides a good start towards evaluating, planning and improving a course. The implementation of these 10 questions for Toxicology course within pharmacy program in CUCMS is as follows:

1.What are the needs in relation to the product of the training programme? The Pharmacy Programme of CUCMS is designed to produce pharmacists who are strong with basic medical sciences and lifelong learners. It is essential that the graduates produced by CUCMS are able to fulfil the requirements of the government of Malaysia and also with vision for the future direction of pharmacy practice in an organized and integrated health care delivery system in three niche areas; Clinical, Military and Emergency & disaster pharmacy. To achieve these needs the graduate should be able to acquire good communication and teamwork skills in hospital setting as well as good managerial skills in military and disaster toxicology settings.

2.What are the aims and objectives?
The Toxicology course aims and objectives serve

-To teach principles of general toxicology and risk assessment, -To identify and describe important toxic responses in human body organ system, -To describe the important environmental, military and occupational toxicants, -To describe, analyse and manage common types of poisons.

3.What contents should be included?
Toxicology course provide the students the building block of knowledge. Suggested content could be included -...
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