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   One of the places that I have worked in the past was Hardee’s.  While I am not currently an employee there, many of the metaphors that we discussed made me think back to working at Hardee’s.  Some of the metaphors that I feel would help to explain the experiences that I had and witnessed in while working there are the Machine Metaphor, the Psychic Prison Metaphor, and the Political Systems Metaphor.  Individually, each of these metaphors views the Hardee’s organization through a very narrow lens.  Collectively, however, they create a fuller understanding of why some of the problems that Hardee’s has exist and what can be done to remedy them.  As a means of approaching recommendations for Hardee’s, the Holographic Brain Metaphor will be used.             Initially Hardee’s was founded by Wilber Hardee in 1960.  Within five months of opening his initial restaurant, Wilber Hardee had his first franchisee.  By 1997, CKE Restaurants, the parent company of Carl Jr., bought Hardee’s.  The Hardee’s chain is spread throughout the Southeast and Midwest.  As of 2003, it has established niche for itself as a leader in thickburgers made from 100% Angus beef(Hardee’s, 2007).             Within the Hardee’s where I worked, I had the position of ‘general crew member.’  This is the same position title that was given to any person hired below a manager (including janitors, greeters, and bussers).  I worked mostly backline jobs including regarding food preparation.  As I was in high school for the duration of my employment there, I had relatively little say in any of the few decisions that crew members could speak to because of my youth.             The Machine Metaphor is used in workplaces where people in power want to maintain power and control in their organizations.  Organizations in which this metaphor can be applied often have elements of scientific management, bureaucracy, and hierarchy.  Each of these elements is in place because they emphasize power and control in the workplace by instigating rules regarding how to dress, when to work, how to work, and so on.  Machine-like workplaces tend to have reduced autonomy for their employees and create a sense of alienation from end products that are being produced as well as the workplace itself.  Nonetheless, this form of organization persists.             Scientific management is put into practice by breaking down each work task into individual, specialized parts.  This is done in order to maximize the efficiency and productivity of workers.  Due to the fact that scientific management was developed under the assumption that all workers are inherently lazy, stupid and motivated only by money, it created a system wherein workers are treated like parts in a machine.  Because scientific management assumes laziness, employees are monitored closely by supervisors hired to do the thinking while the workers act as mechanical labor.  This was starkly evident in the Hardee’s workplace.             At Hardee’s, there were general managers for certain regions, managers for day-to-day restaurant operations, shift leaders, and general crew members.  General Managers did random visits to each store to ensure that all things were being done according to the regulations handed down to the restaurants.  Managers were present to handle scheduling of employees and monitor work performance.  Shift leaders were those people that best exemplified Hardee’s commitment to service and were supposed to serve as role models to other employees and assistants to Mangers and Assistant Managers.               Another consequence of scientific management is that workers become interchangeable.  This interchangeability, combined with the highly specialized nature of workplaces using scientific management, creates a sense of alienation in employees.  For instance, Hardee’s had quite a very high turn-over rate.  Yet, they never suffered from a lack of employees.  This is because each job is broken down so much that no...
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