Hard Work Pays Off

Topics: Mother, Parent, Pregnancy Pages: 3 (1191 words) Published: February 27, 2013
Anteanna Hargrove
Dr. Clark
Comp II
February 8, 2013
“Hard work pays off”
As of today, in this generation single parents homes have increased drastically. Being a single parent is a hard thing to do, even if we have two jobs or getting some kind of government assistance. With the world population elevating higher and higher, the cost of living is shooting through the roof. Living in a society like this, you may never know what downfall single parents may have. Hopefully the world would stop and think about how many struggling parents live on this earth. Single mothers have to strive harder in life and achieve more than a woman with no kids.

Providing for you and the child financially is a very hard thing to do. Having a steady income can help and also getting help from family members also. As being a single mother you have to supply the baby with clothes, milk, wipes, shoes, and much more. Looking at the story about my friend Aniyah having her son name Jayden she had a lot of trouble in providing financially. She was a single mother without having her baby father in the picture. She has not asked him for anything because he did not come around at all. She began to apply for government assistance to help her and it barely met her needs to help the both of them. The reason it barely met their needs is because the government looks at how much you make and your family makes if you live with them. She decided to look online at a baby calculator to see how much it would cost a year and until he is eighteen. A hard thing for a mother to do is teach a boy how to be a man. As being a single mother we can teach our son the basic things he needs to know to survive. We teach them how to cook, clean, treat people with respect, be a gentleman, manage money, and get a good education. It’s hard to teach a child when you are doing all the work by yourself having to work and try to get a degree in college and also come home and try to be a teacher to him as well. But if...
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