Hard Work

Topics: Train station, Mother, Family Pages: 2 (842 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Palampur was a small village near Shimla. People of this village were ordinary workers and earned very little for their livelihood. There was a railway station near the village, where a small market developed in due course of time. Ramlal was a poorlabourer of this village and used to work in the market on daily wages. This was the only source of income for Ramlal and he had many liabilities to carry – children's education, food, clothes, etc. He had four children, but Bhola was the most notorious child of all. He had no interest in studies. He used to make several excuses for not going to the school. Not only this, he preferred to eat chocolate, toffee and junk foods instead of homemade food. Every day he used to take money from his father giving one pretence or another and spend recklessly. Ramlal was very much worried for his son Bhola who had such bad habits. One day, he took a strict decision to reform his son. He vowed not to give him any money from that day onwards. The words of his father made Bhola sad. He came to the conclusion that the day was not good for him. In case he did not earn, he would not get the food in the evening. He thought, ‘Where should I go? I must ask my mother for fifty rupees and this way today's problem would be solved.' So, he went to his mother and narrated the whole incident to her. The mother gave him fifty rupees. He ran to his father and gave him themoney. Ramlal understood that his son had not earned the money but had taken it from someone. Therefore, he asked his son to throw the note into a well. Bhola threw the money into the well. Ramlal complained to him, "I had asked you to earn money on your own. Why did you take it from your mother? Go again and earn this amount yourself. In case you fail to earn fifty rupees, you will not get the food in the evening. Go and do just as I have told you." In spite of this, Bhola did not take the words of his father seriously. He again went to his mother, told her everything and asked...
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