Hard Times

Topics: Hard Times, Gradgrind, Charles Dickens Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: November 29, 2013
Hard times is a novel by charles dickens. it's great. everyone loves it. lots of great things about it. brill. what do you meanmy essay is too short? why do i even have to submit an essay anyways? this is annoying -_- i dont even do my work on the computer so thissucks. i have no essays to give you now leave me alone i jus wanna see this one paper for goodness sake why'd you have to be so ugh about it =/ like who even has time for this Towards the end of the novel, the character of Thomas Gradgrind gradually becomes flexible. When Louisa returns home in a fit of emotional conflict during a stormy night, he is astonished to learn of the consequences of his education system upon his favourite child, then watch the pride of his heart and triumph of his system, lying, an insensible heap, at his feet? (Dickens, 165). As he ponders over the mistakes of his past, present, and future, he draws the conclusion that the scales of knowledge are tipped in favour of tangible Facts, and must help Louisa correct the spiritual imbalance between her mind and heart. In a genuinely sentimental moment, Mr. Gradgrind confesses his own fatal flaw to his daughter, a significant turning point for a man of sharp corners: Some persons hold that there is a wisdom of the Head, and that there is a wisdom of the Heart. I [do not suppose] so; but I mistrust myself now? (Dickens, 168). He learns of the extreme negative results of his system when he visits Sleary's circus to find his son. Tom, hiding from the police as a clown, confesses the details of his modus operandi in the robbery of the Coketown Bank to his father, not expressing the least remorse for committing the crime, or for transferring the blame onto Stephen Blackpool. As Mr. Gradgrind offers Tom his forgiveness, his shock magnifies exponentially upon the discovery of Bitzer, the student who is now cold and calculating, and wants to arrest Tom to earn his former position at the Bank. When Mr. Gradgrind asks the former student if he...
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