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Unit MP3732 – Operations Management B

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Hard Rock Café
Operations Management in Services

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1.1 Introduction

The Hard Rock Cafe is a well-known, world-wide company that offer customers a very unique experience when they visit one of their stores. From the minute they enter to the minute they leave they are bombarded with different attractions from the memorabilia to their high quality food and drink menus. Through this assignment the 10 decisions of operations management will be discussed in relation to the Hard Rock Café, The kitchen staff and waiting on staff productivity and also how the 10 operations would vary from The Hard Rock Café to a Ford Motor Company.


2.1 The 10 Decisions of Operations Management

Throughout Operations Management there are 10 main decisions, each company has to take into consideration if they want to be a successful company. These decisions are both strategic and tactic decisions. These decisions are listed below:

i. Design of Goods and Services
ii. Managing Quality
iii. Process Strategy
iv. Location Strategies
v. Layout Strategies
vi. Human Resources
vii. Supply Chain Management
viii. Inventory Management
ix. Scheduling
x. Maintenance

To begin with the design of goods and services of The Hard Rock Café applies to the store layout and things are designed for the customers. With The Hard Rock Café its most important factor is customer satisfaction, so everything they do from start to end is designed on making the customer having the best experience possible within that time. The main reason behind this is because if they enjoy themselves they are more likely to come back and also they will tell people about the experience so this is more likely to attract more people if it has good reviews from its customers. The next decision is managing quality of everything the customers have experienced and the way in which they do this is by giving customers a survey to fill and everything is rated out of 7. This survey has everything covered that the café has to offer from its food and drink to what the customers think of the memorabilia. The Hard Rock Café has a saying that if it’s not rated 7 (7 being the best) then it’s a fail. This shows that they are very strict on the quality and want each person to have the best time possible and if they didn’t they want to know so they can improve for next time. The next decision is the process strategy of The Hard Rock Café. This refers to the way in which they get customers in. They appeal to customers who are tourists and they appeal to tourists through advertising and also from the previous customers telling other people about their experience. The location strategies of The Hard Rock Café is very important; if the wrong place is chosen then the company can lose a lot of money as they won’t make any profits. When choosing a location it is important that it’s taking into consideration who the customers are. The main customers are tourists so the best location choice would in big cities near town centers as this is where most tourists would go, rather than way out into the countryside where hardly anyone is The layout strategies are very important as this how The Hard Rock Café makes 48% of its revenue on sales through is memorabilia. It is very important that the staff take the customer the correct way around the café making sure that its shop is one of the stops. After the tour is finished the end in the café for the customers to purchase some food and drink. The human resources for The Hard Rock Café make sure that all the staff are the correct staff for the job. The café employs a large variety of staff that includes: • Kitchen staff

• Wait staff
• Hostesses

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