Hard Lives No Excuse

Topics: University, Education, College Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Tiffaney Moore
Ms. Jenny Williams
A Hard Life is No Excuse for Poor Academics
All too often people treat community college students are inferior to students of large universities, even believing that community college students are expected to be less successful. Doing this lowers students’ morale and makes them feel they are unworthy of obtaining gainful employment or even raising their own standards. Though this lowers morale, having a hard life absolutely is no excuse for having excessive absences, rewrites, late papers, plagiarized work, or instructors with low standards who do not require the students to adjust as needed to succeed. As a community college student, the education I am working so hard to gain has been scoffed at and even mocked. Once while having a casual conversation with a co-worker, he asked what college I attend. I told him Spartanburg Community College and he replied “that isn’t a college, it’s a technical school.” This is a prime example of how students from community colleges are treated as inferior to students of a large university. Students from every institution can suffer hardships and handle their hardships in their own way. I have seen a student who was battling cancer and still holding a B average. On the other hand, there are also students who are just lazy and that lackadaisical attitude shows in their academics. In the article “The Myth of Inferiority” T. Allen Culpepper stated: At both kinds of institutions, I have also found students who manage to complete a full load of classes successfully while working three jobs, rearing multiple children alone, caring for elderly relatives, and coping with chronic illness or disability, as well as students who take a relatively light load of courses and don’t do much else (except illicit drugs) but still manage to fail all their classes, despite considerable intelligence and ability. (330) What this all comes down to is how hard a student is willing to work on their education. The...

Cited: Culpepper, T. Allen. “The Myth of Inferiority.” The Norton Mix. Ed. Judy Sieg. New York; Norton, 2012. 327-31. Print.
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