Hard Disk Drive and Error Code

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Code Description
SC184 CIS Transmission Error
SC191 Bar Code Scanning Error


SC192 Automated SBU Adjustment Error/Bar
Code Number is Different
SC193 Image Transfer Error/IDU Error
SC194 SBU White Level Detection Error
SC195 DF Gate Assert Error/Serial Number Error

Code Description

SC196 DF Gate Negate Error
SC197 DF Gate Error

SC101 Exposure Lamp Error

SC198 Memory Address Error

SC107 Scanner Lamp Regulator Malfunction

SC199 DF Scanning Finish Error

SC120 Scanner Home Position Error 1
HP Sensor Abnormal-Stays Off

SC201: Polygon Motor Error

SC121 Scanner Home Position Error 2
HP Sensor Abnormal-Stays On

SC221 Scan Length Detection Error

SC122 Scanner Home Position Error 3
SC123 Scanner Home position Error 4

SC220 Laser Synchronization Detection Error
SC230 BCU Received no Feedback from LD
F-Gate Error

SC124 Scanner Motor Encoder Signal Error

SC231 Laser Beam Feedback Signal Error
F-Gate Timeout

SC125 Scanner Motor Speed Error 1

SC240 LD Power Supply Excessive

SC126 Scanner Motor Speed Error 2

SC260 HP Sensor Error

SC127 Scanner Motor Encoder Rotating Direction

SC261 HP Sensor Not Turning Off

SC128 Scanner Motor Start Error
SC129 Scanner Motor Speed Control Error
SC130 SBU defective Error/Scanner Start
SC131 F-Gate Asserted During Shading
SC142: White level detection error.

SC285 Line Position Error
SC300 Charge Corona Output Error 1
SC301 Charge Corona Output Error 2
Charge Current Leak
SC302 Charge Corona Output Error 3
Grid Voltage Error
Charge Roller Current Leak

SC144 SBU Connection Error

SC303 Charge Corona Output Error 4
Grid Leak
Charge Cleaner Motor Error

SC150 Scanner ROM Mismatch

SC304 Charge Roller Current Correction Error

SC170 Scanner DA1 Abnormal/Video Processing
Error 1

SC305 Charge Corona Wire Cleaner Error 1

SC143 SBU Auto Adjust Error

SC171 Scanner DA2 Abnormal/Video Processing
Error 2

SC306 Charge Corona Wire Cleaner Error 2
Charge Roller Home Position Error
SC310 Potential Sensor Calibration Error 1

SC172 Scanner DA3 Abnormal/Video Processing
Error 3

SC311 Potential Sensor Calibration Error 2

SC173 Scanner Lamp Regulator Adjustment Error

SC312 Potential Sensor Calibration Error 3

SC174 Scanner DA2 Abnormal

SC314 Potential Sensor Calibration Error 4

SC181 CIS Lamp Abnormal

SC315 Potential Sensor Calibration Error 5

SC183 CIS Auto Adjust Error

SC316 Potential Sensor Calibration Error 6
SC317 Potential Sensor Calibration Error 7


Error Codes
Code Description

Code Description

SC320 Polygon Mirror Motor Error/Lock

SC354 ID Sensor Error 5
Black TD Sensor Gain Adjustment Error

SC321: No Laser Writing Signal (F-GATE) Error 1
Transfer Belt Signal Error

SC355 Yellow TD Sensor Gain Adjustment Error

SC322 1st Laser Synchronization Sig nal Error

SC356 Magenta TD Sensor Gain Adjustment Error

SC323 LD Drive Current Over

SC357 Cyan TD Sensor Gain Adjustment Error

SC324 LD Drive Current Over

SC360 Hard Disk Detection Error 1
Development Bias Leak

SC325 Magnification Correction Error

SC361 Hard Disk Drive Error 2
Revolver HP Sensor Error

SC326 2nd Laser Synchronization Error
F Gate 1 Error

SC362 Hard Disk Detection Error 2
IMAC Image Compression Error

SC327 LD Unit Home Position Error 1
F Gate 2 Error

SC364 Hard Disk Drive Error

SC328 LD Unit Home Position Error 2

SC365 Image Storage Address Error

SC329 LD Unit Home Position Error 3
LD Unit Pitch Adjustment Error

SC366 Hard Disk Bad Sector Maximum

SC330 LD Unit No Initial Setting

SC367 Hard Disk (HDD) Bad Sector Maximum

SC331 LD Unit Home Position Error 4
SC332 LD Unit Present Position Error

SC370 IMAC (Image Compression IC) Input FIFO
Black TD Sensor Detection Error

SC335 Polygonal Mirror Motor Error 1

SC371 Yellow TD Sensor...
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