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Hard but Possible

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Hard but Possible (story of a friend)
Pouria Moghimi

I had an interview with my father’s friend, who is a friend with a pure heart, a great husband and a hard working man in his job and education, Hooman Mosavi has his own narrative of a life with a lot of ups and downs in it. He opened his eyes to the world on twenty second April of 1970 in Rey, near Tehran, the capital city of Iran. Hooman grow upped in a family with three siblings and they lived in Tehran.
Hooman was growing up in an athletic family. His father Pejman Mosavi was a traditional athlete and he was professional in traditional wrestling, He was full faith towards sport and he forced his attraction to his sons. After a while Hooman with lots of practicing and pure interest that he showed, he could get first place in Tehran’s wrestling competition for two years. He has one elder sister, but as the elder male between his siblings Hooman had the most responsible role. Therefore, he always tried to be a great guide and friend for his siblings.
Hooman’s family had to change their home because of his father’s job. They moved from Rey to Tehran when he was five years old. He started his education in Sadat primary school. He like the school mostly because of wearing a uniform which was a white shirt with pants and coat. “Third year of primary school was the worst year for me, cause I didn’t study at all and the new lessons were getting harder than before.” Said Hooman. Moreover, in that school every teacher had complained about him because of his mischief.
Then, when he was ten years old they moved to Shiraz, where he found one of his best friends. Mohsen was his best friend at that time. He was like a brother for Hooman. They went to school and did home work together and spent most of their free times playing soccer with other kids in the street and bicycle riding. In addition, Hooman’s big dream was becoming a famous soccer player not a wrestling athlete; he also liked to collect his favorite football players’ pictures and posters, and he always followed news about football leagues and matches, but his father believed Hooman was more talented in wrestling and shouldn’t leave it.
Six years after coming to Shiraz when Hooman was sixteen they had been forced to come back to Tehran again. He continued his education in ELM high school, one of the famous schools in Tehran. Dominate atmosphere of study in high school forced him to study more than before and he improved well in his study. Hooman said, “being in the ELM high school really changed my way in studying and it had so many positive effects on my future.” He chose mathematics as his major during high school because he was a genius at solving math problems and he always would find a new way to find the answers. But when I asked him who was your favorite teacher in high school, I expected to hear, ”my math teacher”, but he answered, ”my third grade chemistry teacher, Mr. Salehi. He was the friendliest teacher I ever had.” Memorizing subjects was like a pain in the neck for him. Hooman was acting much better in logical science like math than others. This excellence caused to become famous among his other friends and every one wanted to be with him and ask their questions.
Then I asked him what was his dream job when he was a teen and he answered, “Like many other teenagers I had lots of fabulous dreams about my job, like becoming an astronaut to ride shuttles, walk on stars and have fun in space.” When he was a teenager, he always laid back on the grass in their home’s garden and enjoyed looking at the sky at night and he tried to make funny shapes with stars in his mind. Often after school hooman was going to an ice cream shop, which was in his way to get traditional saffron ice cream. There was the place he found his first girl friend. He said, “ It was in middle of spring when I saw Saba in ice cream shop. She was wearing school uniform and waiting for her order with her friends. She had very beautiful eyes that attract me a lot. I was so embarrassed to talk at the moment.” He was checking the ice cream shop every day and if that girl was there he was going in and trying to talk with she. After few months they get more familiar and they could spend much more time in summer and school holidays. He added, “The love between me and Saba motivate us to have some relation more than usual, we had our first kiss on my birth day and it was like an gift for me.”
Saba and Hooman knew each other from last year of their high school and obviously their families knew they love and want each other. Therefore, after two years Hooman’s family decided to suit Saba for him. Finally after finishing their university they got married in 1990. They haven’t any children and they decided to focus more on themselves. But sadly, because of some problems that Saba’s sister made in their relation contrary to hooman’s interest they decide to divorce six years after their marriage. But he was so luckily and got familiar with Shabnam another amazing woman who helped him change his life and helped him to improve in many ways. He got married with Shabnam on September of 2002.
After 2002, he decided to establish his manufactory of women shoes and bags in Tehran. At the very first of his job he just had a medium room and three swing machines. He started the work with Shabnam and two of his brothers then made it bigger and bigger.
Then I asked him money is more important to you or education? He answered me, “ I like to say a person who has education but no money may be worth more than a "rich dummy". I mean it’s obvious you cannot make money if you don’t have education of it.”
People may think it is too late to study in age of thirty and above but Hooman decide to continue study for his bachelor of management when he had thirty-eight years old. Hooman and Shabnam came to Malaysia for universities and the best choice for him was study in KBU University. Study in KBU gave this chance to him to study last two years of his education in university of Sheffield, England. He thought study when he was a teenager was easier from many points. First of all is his brain was more fresh and ready to get the new details. Secondly, he didn’t have much obsession about life because he were supporting from his family psychically and financially.
Then I asked when was the best period of your life and he answered quickly, “when I was teenager was the best period in whole of my life. Because the only worry I had was my studies and I just thought about playing and having fun and there was not any problem to get rid of it. I always wanted to try new things and the getting experience was so sweet for Me.” he missed sitting with his family around the table and having ghorme sabzi stew his favorite food.
He gets tired of problems in Iran and probably like many other people he like to live rest of his life in a European country because since he lived outside of Iran he found out life is more relax and simple in such as these countries than his home country.
He also likes in his holidays go to beaches of spine to get sun bath have his drinks and do sports like wave surfing, glider riding and volleyball on sand.
What will be your three wishes, if I tell you today is the last day of your life. He wished have chance to jump down a cliff, read others mind and have infinity money to spend as much as want.
In total he is so satisfied about his life and the decisions he had made. He believe life’s in past and now is so different. Life in the past was simpler than now. People were more kind and liked to help each other but these days every people just think about themselves and doing their jobs and they don’t care about others. In the past cooperation between people was more. I think these days’ technology and machines made our life easier but our relations’ cold.
As a last suggestion for younger people Hooman said, “Young people should know the value of being young and having power. They have to pay attention to don’t miss their target with outward beauties of this world. Because they have everything at that time to make their dreams true and they just need to know how appreciate this valuable treasure.

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