Harborco Analysis

Topics: Negotiation, Best alternative to a negotiated agreement, Collective bargaining Pages: 3 (1205 words) Published: February 24, 2005
Paper #1: Harborco Analysis

The Situation

As the lone representative of Harborco, I was thrust into a 15 on 1 situation in the board room. I knew that though I held much power in the case, it was imperative to make sure the groups did not side together against me. I began simply by discussing the importance of the project and how I wish to gain everyone's support. I focused on the least powerful groups at first, awarding them small victories in order to gain support. With a small group of allies in my corner, I began negotiation with Daniel Kim who represented the FED. I knew this was the most important negotiation for Harborco and tried to smoothly approach the subject. I explained first the importance of the money needed and how it will signify great returns for the area where the plant will be built. I discussed the benefits this project would have to all and at the end asked the FED for the 3 billion dollar loan. I expected a smooth yes and to quickly move on to other topics. However, I was met with a hostile rejection by Daniel Kim and even a rude comment that explained to me that I will never even get close to that amount. I was personally shocked, I did not expect this to be a problem, and asked the FED why they refused to fund such a beneficial project. Daniel Kim answered that they didn't trust my company and have other projects they would rather fund. He then said that the most the FED was willing to offer was 500 million dollars. Though still shocked at what I was hearing, I explained again how important this project is, and that the money would be put to good use. I explained that Harborco would not be able to afford such a project without the FED's help and all of our negotiation lies in this issue. Once again, Daniel Kim was not budging and kept on laughing away my request for 3 Billion dollars. With the small group of allies confronting Kim, the blockers (other ports) confronted me by saying that I was a big company and could afford this on...
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