Happy Time

Topics: George W. Bush, Iraq War, 2003 invasion of Iraq Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: January 13, 2009
Throughout the years of fighting in Iraq, we have realized that we are there or no reason, and many people think we are stuck. In the beginning war I what we wanted and what we have started. Freedom is what a lot of Americans take for granted, and now they find less then what they really want. The war in Iraq was to bring freedom out to others and to give them the safety like us in America. I cannot say if that was the right thing to do or the smartest, but now that does not matter because we’ve lead ourselves into a big ditch and its now time to let someone new figure it out. Although in this I will discuss, how their culture is over there, how it should have never affected us, and how leavening would have affected our America.

In Iraq and most countries they have a different view and way of doing things. They have different believes and traditions that most of us Americans would not understand. They do things by the way they are and the way that they represent their culture. We in the United States want them to have freedom just like you and me, but them being who they are have a very different point of view. Even if they wanted freedom they are not going to understand why and how we are trying to give them freedom, which might scare and startle them. Our soldiers are getting killed and captured just to try to give them freedom that they are not ready for. This is the part that my not be as simple as taking their country over, but as Americans we are dedicated to do so. We will stick to our plans and fight till the end.

Very few people to this day had their minds set on going to war with Iraq, while millions thought that their was no reason to go to war with them at all. This has been a big debate for many years now and has brought some vulgarity to George Bush. We did not justify our reasoning for going to war and nor did we know if we had the nations support. We did not consider if we had the plans and attacks to resolve this problem in a safe and timely...
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