Happy Birthday Sal

Topics: Profanity, Cunt, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (296 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Happy Birthday Sal!!!!!
This is the part where I tell you about how much I love you and how you have always been there for me and that your like the sal to my pal which you are! But I'm going to keep it plain and simple.... With a rap

Kush rolled, glass full, We prefer the better things
Niggas with no money act like money isn't everything
Were having a good time, they just trying to ruin it
Shout out to the fact that its Sal's fuckin 18th Birthday!

Hair did, makeup on, Hottest, everytime
Sal ain't trying to pop that shit for pimp okay well never mind, I I I tried to told you, Colin still ain't nothin nice
Bracelet saying believe, cars saying soccer mom life
Okay now we outta here
Happy Birthday to my bitch
And if you hatin on my bitch
I got the voodoo for you bitches
Sal's to busy, She just wants trouble
makes enough for two niggas boy daycare payin double
Sal and pal is Famous like a drug that We've taken too much of I never ever trip
Just that once
I got weed in these jeans, so they fit me kinda snug
Plus the lighter is in my pocket, nigga this is what I does.

I'm about your birthday man
Fuck what they be talking about,
Sal and pal are fuckin dope,
We the only thing that matters (oooh)
So we do it how we do it
Happy birthday, man, I love ya sal you know how to do it
I be up all night
Cause I don't really know who Imma finish this rap (oooh)
Man I love my sal
Man I love my sal
I would die for that nigga (oooh)

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