Happy Birthday 1951

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Happy Birthday 1951
Kurt Vonnegut
The two main characters are a boy and an old man. The old man takes care of the young child, because a refugee woman left the boy as a baby in his arms (page 7 line 26-28). The old man feels that he has been a bad father for the child, which is expressed in this part of the story: “I haven´t been a very good father, letting you go without birthdays this long” (page 7 line 30) The old man is kind, friendly and helpful, because he took the little baby without any expectation to get something back, like money or help from others. He spawned the little boy with his money, no help from others and his pure love like a father. The boy is very curios, because he wants to know and investigate everything. He is not missing a birthday because he does not know what a birthday is. He likes presents and if a birthday will give him a present he want one. The most boys in the age of seven years likes adventures and are not always listening to their parents like the little boy, which is investigating the tank without letting know the old man. The old man does not like war and the soldiers. He wants to take the boy away from war, because he thinks that the boy is too young to know any better (page 10, line 131). He is almost irritated to hear about war and the soldiers (page 8, line 85 – 86). “It´s all nonsense and meaningless, and today we´re going to forget all about it.” The old man is tired of living in a place with war around him and he thinks that the boy has already been there too long. He takes the boy to a place with trees, skies and water. He calls it Eden, which means paradise. The boy has no identity, because his mother left him as a baby in the arms of the old man. About six years go by without a birthday for the little boy. The little boy is very interested in war and sees everything as an adventure. On page 8, line 78 the boy salutes for the soldiers, and has held his ground. On page 9, line 88 is the boy telling about...
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