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模範子女的定義: 典型的優秀子女,值得我們去學習的 /榜樣 1.孝順 (百行孝為先)
父母為了教養我們,付出了全心的愛,就算兒女長大成人,他們也不曾絲毫改變那份無微不至、犧牲奉獻的關愛 所以我們應該心懷感恩盡心奉養父母 以感謝父母的撫養 弟子入則孝,出則弟。
意思是:少年弟子回到家裡要孝敬父母,外出要敬愛兄長。 夫孝,天之經也,地之義也。
意思是:好飯先給父母吃,好衣先給父母穿。出自《勸報親恩篇》。 首孝弟,次謹信。

聽」即是留心、尊重、順服及體貼父母所說的或 未說出口的心意或感受 ;「從」即是做父母心所 願、所盼的事,使父母的心喜悅及安慰
2. 坦誠(坦率,真誠)
真誠待人或與人相處, 雙方以真實的言語、真實的感情交往, 相互關愛,彼此扶助 坦誠需要存在於家庭的每個成員之間。如果一個人向你坦誠表白一切,是表示他信任你的人格,相對的也需要你對他有最深的尊敬與絕對的守密。健康的坦誠時,是將自己生活中的一部分,不論是愛、是喜、是善良、是醜惡都願意開放給對方。彼此之間不應該有任何的欺騙或隱瞞。 3. 有承擔

The objective is to provide a safe place for young night drifters to meet their friends and social workers, to stay the night and so on, so as to minimise the chance of these youngsters falling prey to negative influences on the streets. The all-night drop-in centre will provide support to existing Integrated Teams and Outreach Social Work Teams, in particular the 18 extended Integrated Teams who provide outreach services to Young Night Drifters. Social workers in these Teams can make use of the facilities at the drop-in centre to organise activities and provide counselling services etc. (a) The all night drop-in centre is a three-year pilot project. Funding for the project will be sought from the Lotteries Fund and the centre is expected to commence operation in July 2002. Like other youth centres, the all night drop-in facility does not have a capacity quota for admission. The Administration will closely monitor the utilisation rate and collect users' feedback as reference for future service development. The estimated expenditure is (i) capital expenditure of $3.3 million for the 3-year period; and(ii) recurrent expenditure of $4.3 million a year. (b) The Report on Evaluation Study on Youth Mobile Team Service for Young Night Drifters (1999) recommended that such a venue be set up equipped with certain facilities to support social work teams dealing with Young Night Drifters. The study suggested...
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