Topics: 3, Affect, Duodecimal Pages: 4 (839 words) Published: August 8, 2013
Stella Boima Hector Perez
English IV
June 10 2013
What can be discovered about the pursuit of happiness by conducting empirical research?                                           “Happiness is the purpose of life.” – Dalai Lama  
 As seniors at Barringer High School, we have been reading about the pursuit of happiness. The readings led us to understand how important and vital happiness is to humans.  Based on some of the ideas presented we decided to conduct a survey among one hundred Barringer students to find out how they rate their happiness. To carry out this survey, we employed a questionnaire with the following questions. We are also providing a reason for these questions.  

1.      From 1 to 5 (5 being the highest) how would you rate your happiness?                      1)   2)       3)       4)       5)  
It is important for people to rate their happiness because by doing so we will have a general consensus of people happiness.

2.      Does your environment influence your happiness? Strongly Agree    Agree    Disagree    Strongly Disagree  
This question relate back to the article in which we been reading on happiness. On how culture and your environment effects your happiness.

3.      Does your family background affect your happiness?           

Strongly Agree     Agree     disagree    Strongly Disagree                                  
It is important for us to know if family background affects happiness because in the reading in Pursuit Of Happiness many people happiness were affected by their family background.

4. Do you feel you have made a difference of any sort in society?  
Nothing      Very little          Somewhat    A Lot

We chose this question because making a difference in society brings many people happiness. We wanted to see how many people feel they have made a difference in society.    

5. Have your friends or the people you associate with influence your...
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