Happiness-Money or Health

Topics: Personal life, Happiness, Positive psychology Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Good health is more important than money for a happy life. Do you agree?


The determining factor that contributes to true happiness has attracted much social concern. Some claim that money ensures a happy life while others contend that good health is more important a consideration than money in terms of happiness. Personally, I am convinced of the latter opinion.

Initially, what I put in my priority is life enjoyment. It is undeniable that good health enables people to pursue their own interests. Since all activities, from the gentle ones such as writing and reading to the intense ones like jogging and gardening, need a great deal of strength to perform, a healthy body is the basic element to satisfy this requirement. For instance, boys who are in poor health condition are certain to find it impossible to participate in football matches as well as other kinds of sports they love. Without doubt, only with good health can people enjoy the life to the fullest.

Another underlying reason that is noteworthy is enrichment. Obviously, good health brings people the feeling of satisfaction of work efficiency. It is only when people’s health is in good condition that they are able to work energetically in high spirits. As a matter of fact, they will receive rewards or money as a means of appreciation for their effort. As it goes without saying “health is wealth”, a body in good condition is the basic necessity to stay financially stable, which plays an important role in a happy life.

Moreover, health is the priceless present of life because it cannot be bought at any cost. It is evident that there exist many incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS. However rich one is, suffering from these diseases is certain to restrict them to enjoy the beauty of life. In other words, they say, ‘if you lose your money, you lose something; if you lose your health, you lose everything’. Needless to say, happiness is beyond reach without good health.

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