Happiness is a Choice

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Happiness is a Choice Ian

On a biting night where frosts condense on grass and leaves, I stood alone in the voiceless bus stop, waiting for the delayed bus that barely anyone uses. Rain soaked through my jacket while the wind scratched my face like sharp knives. Because big technology companies and universities specialized in computer programming are all located in the states, I had to leave my affectionate family and study alone in a foreign place where I knew no one. “But it is worth it,” I thought, “If I can get into a world’s leading company like Google, I would have the wealth to live a comfortable life with my parents.” Growing up in the 2000s, I witnessed the growth and change of technology. The cellphone in my pocket weighed less than 200 grams, and that was unimaginable back when I was in elementary school. It was considered very cool at that time if someone had a flip cellphone to show off. As I grew up, technology like touch screen, tablets and smartphones evolved rapidly, and I knew that there would be many opportunities in technology industries. Despite of what my parents expected, I went to the United States to study about computer programming, and I would graduate very soon. Meanwhile, my sister back in Canada wanted to become a teacher. Teachers might be an important job in the society, but technology can change the world.

“After I graduate, I must go to the Silicon Valley and let everyone in the world know my name,” I said to my sister when I left home, and it did happen. I quickly found a job in a very small company. There were only a few programmers, and it was just a company that develops small games. “This is not a bad place to start,” I said to myself. No one would start at the top of the pyramid. As a newcomer, I found people friendly, and the small community in the school was one of the reason. In the department I worked in, there were only a few programmers and other people that I would need to talk to, and we...
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