Happiness: Is It the Government or Individual's Responsibility?

Topics: Venezuela, Happiness, United States Pages: 3 (357 words) Published: March 24, 2015
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Documented Research Essay
The Happiness Project

Maria Jesus Mateo
April 2015
Option 2
According to Pett (2010), Bhutan* has integrated Gross National Happiness (GNH) into its country’s constitution. Are governments responsible for happiness or is happiness an individual responsibility? With reference to the reading, and additional sources, provide your opinion on this issue and support it in a well-developed essay.

Since the beginning of times, men and women have been trying to find the meaning of happiness. But is happiness considered something that we can get from moments in our lives, is it possible to “buy” it and when do you know you have it? When everything works correctly, things flow as they should. It’s up to each person’s point of view to decide wether they are happy or not. But depending on the country you can see the different things that make someone happy. Americans are happy with **, according to Venezuelan news, 80% of Venezuelans are satisfied with their lives. From my personal experience, when you live in a developed country as Canada and you go to Venezuela, you’ll see the difference. Venezuela’s strict currency control has made economy go out of control. They have a limit of 3000$ to travel each year to a list of places the government allows, and 700$ out of that budget if you’re going to the Dutch Antilles or Florida in the U.S. for more than 8 days, and a number of rules that you have to follow If you’re planning to do this trip, but this doesn’t stop Venezuelans to travel because they know that they will spend less money buying things in another country than in their own. For example a pair of Nike Air Shoes as seen in the website Amazon.ca is worth 175$, in Venezuela the same pair is worth 1166$ in the official currency exchange. But despite all the difficulties Venezuelans have to get products,...
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