Happiness in the World

Topics: Happiness / Pages: 5 (1151 words) / Published: Mar 15th, 2013
Good afternoon everybody, id like to introduce to you our team: this is my friend Dominika and my name is Bartek, we are your class mates as you probably noticed and what we prepared for today is a presentation concerning simple and at the same time complicated topic which is Happiness in the world. We devided our presentation on several subtopics:

1.What do we call happiness
2.Happiness all over the world
3.Happiness as an only proper direction in life
4.Some facts about the impact of happiness on our life

1. Hapiness, the world which has been repeated in this presentation many times, is a state of mind, where most of your needs, demands are fulfilled. I don't mean just a need such as 'I want to eat pizza' after this you probably won't be more satisfied than before, but I'd like to refer to Maslov hierarchy of needs. [short description of hierarchy + kanapka vs smartphone] When each layers are accomplished, and here I have to add, that it is very individual case, we can truly claim 'I'm happy man'.

2 So ,who are the happiest people in the world? In Top 10 World's Happiest Countries Norway takes the crown followed by Denmark and Sweden . The next are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the last one is Ireland .What’s Norway got that the rest of the world doesn’t? A stunning GDP per capita and the second-highest level of satisfaction with their standards of living.

Now, I will tell you about the Happy Planet Index (HPI) which is a measure of human well-being and environmental impact . According to that, Costa Ricans are the happiest and live the longest .Seven of the top 10 countries are in Central America or the Caribbean. However, typical happy front runner Denmark is ranked 110th.

And what is GNH ? You may think it is just another statistically based term with no real life application, but it refers to “Gross National Happiness.” It measures people’s quality of life, and makes sure that “material and

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