Happiness in San Francisco

Topics: Eric Weiner, The Geography of Bliss, Climate Pages: 3 (1228 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Linh Le
English 95X
Professor Troen
February 9th 2013
Happiness in San Francisco
“The Geography of Bliss” of author Eric Weiner attempted to discover what is happiness and where we can find happiness by traveling more than thirty countries all over the world. Eric Weiner has described how “happiness” is and the way they achieve it. Each country has a different way to enjoy their life and different method to define “happiness”. “Happiness” could be anything; it could be the legalization of soft drugs in Netherland; “happiness” could be the boredom in Switzerland, a policy in Bhutan and is failure in Iceland. In each nation, Eric Weiner caught the readers’ attention by giving them a background as well as the abundance of its society; include religion, geography, and government. By one way or another, author Weiner always clarify of what we can learn about their lifestyle. Surprisingly, at the end of the book, he states that America is the 23rd happiest nation in the world and it is not as happy as it is wealthy. Looking at the United States as a miniature world and each of its states is a separate country; they all have their own perspective of “happiness” just like Weiner’s book. California, in general, is the richest and the most popular compare to the rest of the states and which cannot not mention its diversity city: San Francisco. Despite the height of the cost of living in San Francisco, the unique features, geography of this city and its incredibly history making it a wonderful place to live in.

Being at San Francisco means the knowledge about its cost of living is necessary. A person who without a job or has problem with his/her financial will find it is impossible to live in this city. Most people in the city get in trouble with paying rent and living expense. According to San Francisco’s Craiglist, the average of apartments’ rent running around $1,500 or higher, not include utilities. These apartments are just enough for a single person with...
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