Happiness Assignment

Topics: Love, Happiness, Emotion, Hunting, Positive psychology, Bond / Pages: 4 (996 words) / Published: Nov 27th, 2010
Pamela Hollis

WR 121-06

27 November 2010

Revision- What is Happiness


What is happiness to you? Happiness is something most of us are searching for and

don’t look deep enough to find. That feeling you get of satisfaction and enjoyment; peace

of mind, kindness and love. What path do we follow to obtain happiness?

To many, happiness is bonding. It is a relationship, a desire to connect souls with

another. Masami Sato asks and answers in her article, The Secret of Happiness is

Bonding: “Why do we do something, anything in life as human beings? It is because we

want to connect with others. We make friends to build a relationship. We get married to

establish a relationship in a deeper more permanent manner.”

In my opinion, autumn is a wonderful time of the year to connect with strangers,

family and friends. It is a time of togetherness; a season of bonding. The weather is

usually soggy and cold; we, as humans, want to stay warm and dry. A venture into the

elements are rare but can also be a time of bonding. Fall is when hunting season occurs

and as a family with friends and sometimes strangers we set off to hunt for the food

we put on the table for our families. As most people would not set out into the woods

alone to go hunting; into the wilderness with wild animals and the danger of getting

turned around and lost.

When we go hunting, we gather together as part of a group to bond, and to form a

deeper relationship. The winding bumpy ride to our destination proves to be one more

advantage point to build a relationship. We are confined to the cabs of our trucks,

sometimes for hours. These close quarters allow us to get to know each other even better.

When we arrive at our final destination, making a camp is top priority. With the newly

formed community coming together to work a team; a common kitchen is formed with

contributions of many. This is the heart of

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