Happiness and Salary

Topics: Happiness, English language, Income Pages: 3 (744 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Last week I presented my students with this question to answer in essay format. I always love to join in with my students in writing the monthly essay, not only as I love writing, but to show them that I, as the teacher, also care about the work I'm giving them, and to give them some support in what many students of English find very challenging.

After a considerable time discussing the question and formulating an essay plan, we got down to the writing. Here is my essay on this particular subject:

When choosing a career path, would one consider salary or passion as the deciding factor?

"I believe it is difficult to conclude that either salary or passion is more important in defining a career. I feel that both factors contribute to a happy life. I will attempt to discuss some of my feelings about each one.

Money is a basic need of human existence in the civilised world. With money, we obtain food and shelter, necessary for survival. Finding a job with a good salary is a vital task in supporting a family. I have a wife and a 3-year-old daughter to provide for, with another child on its way. It can be somewhat daunting to think of ones family responsibilities. Earning a good salary can go some way to alleviating that burden and bringing security to the family unit.

With numerous bills to pay, it becomes imperative to earn more money than you spend. Being the recipient of many household bills is not something I enjoy, but with my decent salary, I'm able to take care of this requirement and feel a sense of relief each month.

Indeed, the ability of earning a substantial income and providing for all the needs of my family brings a great sense of satisfaction as I feel I have fulfilled my duty. Bringing home money gives me a sense of empowerment, makes me feel useful, and increases my self-esteem - all contributing to my overall level of happiness.

Finally, it is possible, and necessary, to save a portion of money each month, for the future. I have...
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